Saturday, 19 January 2013

Decluttering and Alphabetising

Today was spent in decluttering and alphabetising the CDs and DVDs and many were culled - hallelujah!

Why decluttering?
Well the baby had been knocking over CDs and pulling DVDs out of the cupboard for the last few months and it's been driving me crazy!
Not that it's his fault exactly, with so many CDs piled up in front of the shelves (cos there wasn't any room for them) there was just a little too much temptation.
Oh and every time he happily pulled the door open on the DVD cupboard well they came a-tumbling out - oopsie!
So less CDs mean they fit the shelves, and less DVDs means they fit in their cupboard - ta-da!

Why alphabetised?
I think it's fair to say I've an A-type personality and it just plain makes it easier to find things - duh?!

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