Monday, 21 January 2013

Like With Like

It's the basic rule of organising and it's a gem!

Baby toy organisation - blocks with blocks, cars with cars, board books all together - eh voila!

Books - travel books together, poetry books together, atlases together, Bibles together, etcetera - check.

CDs together, DVDs together, candles, candlesticks, lighters and matches together, tablecloths together, napkins together, board games together, jigsaws together, gifts together, crafting supplies together etcetera etcetera - check.

Except for when this rule falls very short, because sometimes, as my Dad likes to put it, we need things "handy."

A small tape dispenser and scissors in the kitchen, the regular tape dispenser and a set of scissors with the gift wrapping supplies and the rest of the scissors and extra rolls of tape in the stationery/craft cupboard.

The cough sweets in the medicine drawer except for a couple beside my bed.

All the extra bottles of shampoo, shower gel etc. sorted into boxes in the bathroom cupboards except for an always stocked and ready to go toiletries' bag set aside for weekenders.

A box full of musical instruments except for one of the maracas because Bundle loves to play with it.

A packet of wipes beside the sofa in the lounge for those whoopsie moments.

Boxes of tissues all over the house because this mama is forever needing a tissue.

Sometimes you can be too much of a neat freak after all.

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