Monday, 21 January 2013

Laundry Loveliness

My utility area was dirty, messy and cramped, with a temporary room divider between my washer and dryer.
It had a lack of space to set Bundle down as I worked.
In short, it was not my favourite space and allowed little wiggle room, especially when carrying both an infant and a full basket of laundry.

Argh...was my thought when this room came to mind.

Then it hit me - why did we still have the temporary room divider up?
We had no plans to use the entertaining space in the future, near or otherwise, and since it was temporary it could always be put back up if needed - duh!

A screwdriver and some elbow grease later I had added space (removed the divider) and with the addition of a standing frame toy (Bundle's spot) and a bit of grunt work (shelf sorting and shelf, sink and appliance scrubbing) and I had some of the will-do-me-just-fine laundry loveliness that I had craved.

Laundry loveliness for me equals:
a washer and dryer almost beside one another,
the "spare" basket/basin-like items stacked on top of the cleaned-off washing machine,
shelving that's organised and only contains laundry-necessary items,
a cleaned and cleared Belfast sink with only hand-washing items atop it,
a spot for the wee-ist man in my life,
space to manouever,
and just for fun, a badly-nailed-up prettiness-personified peg-bag a friend had bought me - yay for pretty and practical!

Joy, joy!

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