Monday, 21 January 2013

Baby-friendly Beautifying

A bare windowsill, without hanging decorations or ornaments - why? - because that's where he likes to sit and admire the view (especially the current snowy landscape), a spot from which he can wave Daddy off to work and enjoy the returned smiles and waves or where he can bang on cold glass and enjoy the noise and feel or just look out at the weathers or goings-on, such as they may be.

A coffee table, recently covered in "stuff," now almost bare, as he often reaches up to it to steady himself on his journeys around living room land.

A coffee table with storage shelf underneath, storing boxes of this and that but also housing a couple of beloved toys (an executive toy message block game, no longer Daddy's now claimed as Bundle's), a phone with the battery run down (deliberately) and a bright pink plastic rattle (one of a pair of maracas). Bliss to a baby.

Moving an oft-admired (by the baby as well as others) wedding-gift vase to an out-of-reach spot to aid him on his explorations by removing breakable temptations that can so easily house blocks and shapes.

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