Thursday, 27 February 2014

Wednesday (oops Thursday) Weigh-in #9

ATM - The mini goal for this past week was to LOSE MORE! Check (a day late since I completely forgot).

First "ThingsIWannaDoList" Goal - Lose weight to reach thirteen stone seven (189 lbs)
Second "ThingsIWannaDoList" Goal - Lose weight to reach thirteen stone even (182 lbs)

Jan.1 - 13 st 9 lbs (191 lbs)
Jan.8 - 13 st 6 lbs (188 lbs)
Jan.15 - 13 st 4 lbs (186 lbs)
Jan.22 - 13 st 5 lbs (187 lbs)
Jan.29 - 13 st 7 lbs (189 lbs)
Feb.5 - 13 st 7 lbs (189 lbs)
Feb.13 - 13 st 9 lbs (191 lbs)
Feb.19 - 13 st 8 lbs (190 lbs)
Feb.27 - 13 st 7 lbs (189 lbs)

This week's mini-goal is to really buckle under with the walks and the not eating so heartily of the sweets and the chocolate and all the other food. More importantly to actually be more active in my day-to-day living: more standing less sitting; more active play with Bundle as oppposed to watching from the sidelines; outdoor work (clearing away leaves and general tidying and decluttering of the outdoor spaces around the farm); making more trips around the house putting things away rather than making piles and fewer trips; not forgetting some crazy dancing with my baby boy.

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