Friday, 14 February 2014

"Gratitude" Journal for February (Week Two)

Listing things daily for which I am grateful...

Sat. 8th
Support, in the form of a husband who compliments my cooking and parenting; a friend who probes and arranges a catch-up chat; a son who gives hugs and kisses with gay abandon.
Educational entertainment and the many and varied documentaries for adults and children alike.

Sun. 9th
God's provision as news of our rent doubling thus removing our financial buffer arrives.
Playdate plans and Bundle having friends within our congregation.
Vouchers to dine out and enjoy a family meal with the extra of a bouncy castle for Bundle to enjoy (pre-dinner only of course).
A faithful husband, who works hard to provide for his family so that I can be at home with Bundle and who proffers his working a second job rather than a "me going out to work/childcare situation."

Mon. 10th
Vulnerability with friends who nurture you and rebuild you (rather than family who devalue such openess and your feelings). Support and love and chatter to lift your spirit.
Forgiveness from gorgeous little people who love you despite yourself but won't always and so determination to do better.

Tues. 11th
Older generations who fought for our freedom.
Free dental care for children.
Transport and petrol to go and visit my Granda and extended family.
A husband who gladly gives up his day off to drive me to nowhere and accompany me to visit my grumpy old grandfather.

Weds. 12th
Grandparents as babysitters to allow me to contribute to our family's finances without fears for our son.
Increased ability at talking for our little boy as he manages three word combinations (consistently saying "Hello Great-Granda" yesterday) helping out with poems (Mummy "Daddy" Uncle "Dick," went to "London," on a "stick," the stick "broke," what a "joke," Mummy "Daddy" Uncle "Dick") and rounds out songs with the occasional word input when we leave a gap for him to fill.

Thurs. 13th
A good education (home and school) that opened me up to new information, a love of knowledge and led me to continue to learn. Whether about the propaganda, persecution and censorship in North Korea or the resistance requiem oerformed during the Holocaust or the history of medicine or everyday science or the age of enlightenment or space travel and life in micro-gravity (all subjects I've learned about through recent documentaries) my education is continuing and I'm enjoying it.
Financial and budgeting know-how; I am always amazed at how God provides me with much information on a topic, often long before it is required (I suppose to allow for my very slow processing abilities and assimilation of/to new paradigms of thinking). I have a workable budget (barely but with a slight increase in my income and some cuts) worked out for us and a husband trusting me as we forge ahead.

Fri. 14th
Mum friends who are willing to open up about their real lives with their toddlers/babies and reassure me that all is well, this too shall pass, it really is just a stage, his development is right on track, I'm not (entirely) crazy and life is sweet.
A mum who taught me the basics of hostessing skills and allowed me plenty of opportunities to practise; making hospitality at times much less stressful.

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