Tuesday, 25 February 2014

7 Posts in 7 Days (Monday)

Here goes nothing...

Seven things about my Monday...

The baby (must stop calling him that at 27 months) woke me way too early, albeit about 7am (in fairness anything the wrong side of ten o'clock was gonna be to early this morning, more insomnia joy). He snuggled in for milkies and did lie in until seven forty but thence the beloved scooped up the dry-nappied one (if I ever get my butt into gear and order the waterproof mattress covers for his bed and ours, we will rid ourselves of the nap and night-time nappies for good) for father/son toilet time while Mama rolled over for another fifteen blissful minutes.

Breakfast (wholegrain toast with butter and homemade rhubarb jam with a nectarine on the side) was had as I gathered up supplies for our first morning of "free-play" at the gymnastics centre. Brief interlude in brekky for the potty. We entertained ourselves with a science show on the iPad about the Atacama Desert (man, lady, sand, plane).

Washed and dressed, we are walking out the door as I realise that we are actually TOO EARLY! Retreat to watch two five minute science programmes until we head up the dual carriageway and take only three attemts and two sets of directions to find the place.

Two hours of fun with a friend and her two wee girls: lowering himself/being thrown into the foam pit; running around on the sprung floor at top speed; bouncing on the trampoline etc.; wearing the stepping "stones" as hats; climbing the mini ladder up to the parallel rings; giggling; dancing to the random selection of music; running, more running and barely stopping for breath.

Milkies, naptime (for Bundle), laundry, lunch, rest-time (for me), milkies, playtime, dinner preparations, saying grace together, welcoming Daddy home, keeping a bite of chicken in our mouth for fifteen plus minutes and then a surprise visit from my cousin Ali. She was quickly coerced into reading Bundle umpteen books so we didn't really get to catch-up but I think she was in her element as her babies have passed such stages and she enjoyed the moment of nostalgia.

Bedtime and Mama enjoying her fourth evening out since Bundle's birth (self-imposed). Post-milkies I abandoned ship and left a boy all cuddled up in his Daddy's arms and about to go to bed. A short drive into town saw me at a late-night coffee shop with a hot chocolate and a third of a (massive) traybake with two of my best friends. I have no idea what we talked about but the two hours until closing flew by and then I slipped home to my boys.

I decided to go for it and join the challenge of 7 posts in 7 days, a little late (it's now way after midnight with me though decidedly earlier stateside) and without much clue of what to write and so a bunch of waffle later I'm going to hit publish and go to sleep (I hope). Tune in next time for a post about breastfeeding beyond two or procrastinating and why it's done me no favours or my obsession with pinning but not doing crafts or the many interesting documentaries on medicine and architecture I've watched recently; it's pot luck or pot faith or just potty.

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