Friday, 21 February 2014

"Gratitude" Journal for February (Week Three)

Listing things daily for which I am grateful...

Sat. 15th
Plans, even when you don't follow them fully, they really increase focus and productivity.
Fresh air and the space to enjoy it. Sixteen times around my sister's house for a mile walk to blow the cobwebs off first thing in the morning.
Love: from and for God, from and for the Husband, the boy and the rest of the family and all my friends. I am loved and have love.

Sun. 16th
Laughing and how it brightens your whole outlook on life.
Listening to the laughter and chat between my Hubby and son.

Mon. 17th
Crafting, as a way of bringing friends together and creating a relaxed atmosphere and an overall calm.
Craic, the joy of togetherness and amicable chatter.
Daddy, having no anxiety as I wakked out the door, leaving a still awake but abed Bundle in the care of his beloved Daddy (I didn't even check my phone until I was leaving to come home again).

Tues. 18th
Chats with my sister T that start, continue and end happily.
Watching my son and four nephews play about.

Weds. 19th
Family playtime - going to the park en famille; watching Bundle climb up the block steps and stairs and slide down on his tummy "wheeee" and enjoying his chant of "three, four." Practising, always practising.
Hunger before meals and then the feeling of being sated not stuffed.

Thurs. 20th
A husband who never says "that's not my responsibility/job" or "why would I want to do that" or "I don't want to" but instead provides and does and is so selfless for his friends and family. Love that man.
The chitter chatter of a two year old who wants to tell you about everything he's discovering and enjoying.

Fri. 21st
Hot chocolate - a sweet milky warming yum at the end of the day, the accompanying gooey marshmallows are just the icing on the cake.
The sweet sound of breathing, as two programmes made me think of infants beyond help today (news and documentary including an incident of SIDS), I can only revel in the loud snore-like breathing of my two-year-old in the bed abreast ours. A bliss-filled calming sound to this fractious still ever-anxious madre.
Giggles as my husband pulls the "last one in's a rotten egg" competition as we retire to bed and I win - still wearing my slippers and unable to speak as I laugh so hard :) LOVE that man.

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