Friday, 7 February 2014

"Gratitude" Journal for February (Week One)

Listing things daily for which I am grateful...

Sat. 1st
Mercy, given freely by God, still hard to accept at times abd something I need to get better at offering.
Food, its flavour and texture, ability to nourish and comfort and the One who created it.

Sun. 2nd
Literacy, the Bible and books - the Word and the ability to read it, to be given insight into God's heart for us and to be able to enjoy many other works, from the sublime to the ridiculous to Enid Blyton and everything being simply wizard!

Mon. 3rd
Electricity and the mighty on/off switch. An albeit brief powercut being a great reminder to be grateful for that which we so often take for granted. Trying to fry a gammon steak in the dark is not easy, but Hubs swears it was delicious.

Tues. 4th
Forgiveness, of sins and grievances and judgements and grumps. I screamed and shouted a lot today, I felt unforgiveable, but as I sobbed with my head leant against the oven door, my Bundle called out Mummy and ran in to give me a full-body hug and multiple kisses. My need to my forgive my sister for her letting me down notwithstanding, I am forgiven whether I feel worthy or not and tomorrow is another day.

Weds. 5th
Maps, using google maps to calculate mileage reminded me of a better route (country roads, avoiding traffic and traffic lights) from my MIL's to my student's home.
In-laws, who love my son dearly and happily help out to allow me to tutor for an hour; despite my dropping him off after a shorter than normal nap at the end of their long day minding their grand-daughter.

Thurs. 6th
Pockets of joy, a published blog post submission to Moodscope; a sudden burst of giggles from Bundle in the back seat during an errand; a loving husband and his desire for me even in these depths of despair and carrying far too much excess weight; cuddles and hugs; Bundle's sheer delight and joy at his milkies during the day and night - literally giggles of anticipation.
Enough and more than enough to just nip to the shops for shoes, socks, groceries and not worry about the total.

Fri. 7th
Grandparents, the love they demonstrate and the love my son has for them.
Chatter, the huge rise in his clarity and the number of words he says with regularity as well as his willingness to try out new ones and parrot back to you.
Development of awareness, his new awareness or at least ability to communicate that awareness of the world, time, other people and knowledge. Kangaroos, koalas and kookaburras are all from Oz. Who made you? Jesus. Who made the workds? Jesus (he can't really say God yet). Where are we going to? Tots or Church or Granny's... Were's Daddy? Work. Where's Nanny? Oz. Whe do we go on Fridays? Tots. Where do we go on Sundays? Church...and on and on it goes and it just delights us.

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