Friday, 7 February 2014

February Goals

Bible Study - finish Ruth across the three translations (KJV, NIV, CJB), begin to read through James

Black Dog Goals - to be in bed by half eleven, to rest well, to be busy/productive, to complete Moodscope

Blogging Goals - weekly weight-loss posts, diary posts and writing up my learning goal post for January

Bundle Goals - first time obedience, focused craft/drawing/singing/learning times, further independence in dressing

Catechism Goals - learn up to Q28 and review the first 25

Day Zero Goals - to maintain my lists, to follow them as I'm able, weekly portraits

Decluttering Goal - 360 items including January's total, mostly decluttering of emails, packing up donations, glass recycling (including decluttering excess jars), Mum's fridge and larder (write her a shopping list)

Eating Goal - less, less to no sweets, chocolate and desserts, more fruit and vegetables

Exercise Goals - six miles of measurable walking, moving more

Financial Goals - to sort out my NS&I accounts, to maintain good tax records and set aside for tithe and tax Goal - 150,000 grains including January's total

Grooming Goal - cleanse, tone and apply nightcream weekly

Household Goals - clear the tops of the CODs in the bedroom and the nursery, pack away too small clothing (Bundle's), clean bathrooms

Learning Goal - thinking about and blogging about staying connected to loved ones

Marital Goal - have a planned ahead date night

Organising Goal - begin to organise the laundry/utility, handyman shelves and open shelving, Bundle's next two clothing sizes (cataloguing and listing glaring omissions), three drawer unit in the en-suite

Prayer Goal - to begin my day with prayer

Reading Goals - "third" and "fourth form" Malory Towers' books with Bundle, end of "SS" book, a chapter of "ten p's" with Hubby and fifty pages of "weaning" book

Relational Goals - email my parents, text my students, text Gerta, visit Granda, text Mimi, text A.Isa

Scripture Memory Goal - to reinstate daily Scripture memory work over breakfast/snack/dinner time

Social Goal - do something sociable once a week

Weight Goal - thirteen stone

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