Saturday, 16 February 2013

Holiday Happenings

So we're off to Oz in twenty-four days - @!?&*%#@ !!!!!

We need to close up the house (we're away for six weeks), pack, prepare (gifts for those we're visiting out there and birthday gifts etc. for those we leave behind-for before we go and whilst we're away), oh and most importantly - panic!!!!!

So I have 22 days to actually work with and here's my to-do list:
Organise my tutoring students and prepare sessions (three texts at least),
Text my LLL leader and attend the February meeting next week if Bundle is sufficiently recovered,
Email my somewhat estranged sister re visiting her when we're in her neck-of-the-woods,
Email my aunt and two of my cousins re Oz plans, needs (highchair, car seat) and accommodation,
Get a haircut and give Bundle a trim,
Cut Bundle's nails (one hand done) and stop biting mine,
Shape my eyebrows,
Quit eating my body-weight daily in chocolate,
Text SportySis' SIL re books her eldest borrowed off me,
Settle my podiatric bill,
Purchase restaurant voucher for FIL (Hubby's doing this one),
Purchase barber voucher for BIL (Hubby doing this one too),
Redeem essential oils voucher for MrsKitty,
Give myself a foot bath and pedicure,
Taste Gerta's kefir and text her about it,
Frame Bundle's hand/footprints for the two grannies for mothers' day,
Make a batch of vanilla fudge/toffee, Irish country cream fudge and chocolate and coconut fudge for my FIL/BIL's birthdays,
Choose, write and deliver birthday etc. cards for birthdays before we go/whilst we're away,
Purchase, make, wrap and deliver birthday etc. gifts for before we go/whilst we're away,
Visit my Granda and my hubby's aunt,
Make, purchase, wrap, write cards and gifts for those we'll visit,
Shop for henna shampoo in Sally's,
Make some banana bread,
Book eye appointment for Bundle and get his prescription updated,
Pick up my glasses,
Get navy trousers hemmed,
Sew Bundle's leggings,
Look into getting external steps plastered,
Complete my aqua Christmas pom-pom decorations,
Work on knitting projects,
Pack away Winter and Valentine's decorations and decorate for Spring,
Keep on top of laundry,
Spring clean as I go,
Tidy as I go,
Declutter as I go,
Order children's books for gifts and
Buy more underwear (M&S) and pyjamas (Primark) for holiday.

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